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  • Rust-free aluminum rack hardware.

  • Installs with simple hand tools.

  • 1900 lb. test hollow braid line for easy splicing.

  • For vehicles over 6' in height.

  • Will mount on any vehicle.

  • Two winch lines for secure loading.

  • Impossible to unload boat without powering the winch except the lines are cut.

  • For boats up to 16' and 400 lbs.

In the loaded position, the boat is automatically secured and rests on two rollers. When unloading, one roller is driven by a winch motor. As the roller turns, the boat moves rearward (by friction of the roller). Then, the boat tilts up and is lowered automatically by two lines unwinding off the power roller. Loading is the reverse action and completely automatic. The power roller turns in the opposite direction, winding up the lines, picking up the boat and pulling it forward to its automatically secured position. Attach a safety line to the bow and you are ready to go!


  • All aluminum construction for long lift (no rust).

  • Completely adjustable to fit any truck/boat combination.

  • Completely automatic operation (12V electric).

  • Winch will not drop boat if power is lost.

  • Winch controller is removable to inhibit theft of your boat.

  • Unique hollow braid rope for easy splicing and adjustment.

  • Installs with simple hand tools.

  • 100% hand built in Canada.

  • 1 year warranty.

  • The standard Rear Loader is constructed with all aluminum parts will and load a boat up to 400 lbs and up to 61" wide. Extra wide loader kits for boats over 61" wide are available and custom made to suit your needs.


  • All aluminum construction

  • Rust free

  • Super strong and durable

  • Easy installation

  • Built for super duty workload

The addition of a Headache Rack to your vehicle will provide great versatility for business or recreational use. Haul long items such as ladders and building materials safely and securely, secure cargo in the box, and add lights without mounting directly to your your vehicle. All Headache Racks are built to meet your requirements and can be installed in minutes. 


  • Lightweight

  • Rust free

  • All aluminum construction

  • One rack will fit any truck

  • Completely adjustable

  • 10ft rails for shortbox

  • 12ft rails for longbox

  • Rear roller for easy removal of cargo

  • It is completely adjustable in height, width, and length and can be installed on any pickup truck. The rack itself weighs only about 100lbs and has a carry capacity of 700lbs when evenly distributed. The Cargo Rack will fit around the canopy and is easily removed for storage. It can be raised up so that quads or motorcycles can be loaded underneath.


  • The motorcycle/dirt bike rack is used to carry one motorbike on the back of a car, motorhome, van, or any other vehicle with a Class 3 or better hitch receiver.

The product features a tilting ramp for easy loading and two metal eyes for tie straps. Another rack can be added to the first one for a total of two bikes on the same rack.


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