Light duty liftgates are designed to provide easy, safe, and cost-effective lifting of light to moderate loads. Maxon's product line features light duty options for pickup trucks, service bodies, stakebed, van bodies and cargo vans.


Maxon was the first to bring the rail style liftgate to the United States during the 1970s. The Railift™ Series is a classic that never goes out of style because its heavy-duty level ride and dock loading capability are designed to handle some of the most demanding distribution requirement.


Conventional liftgates are the original style of liftgate. These liftgates are stored flush against the door of trucks or trailers, and they often serve as the actual door or tailgate to these vehicles. Designed for general freight loading, conventional liftgates can be used with trucks and trailers.


We invented the Tuk-A-Way liftgate so that the platform can fold and stow under the truck body in the dock ready position. Today, Maxon offers a wide range of steel and aluminum platforms of different sizes along with various bed height options.


Maxon’s slider-type gates stow horizontally underneath the truck or trailer. They don’t need extension plates and therefore can accommodate roll-up as well as swing doors. Maxon offers slide-type products with level ride (GPSLR) as well as level-ramping ride (GPS).


Nous avons inventé le hayon élévateur Tuk-A-Way pour que la plate-forme puisse se replier et se ranger sous la carrosserie du camion en position prête pour mise à quai. Maxon offre aujourd'hui une vaste gamme de plateformes en acier et en aluminium de tailles différentes ainsi que diverses hauteurs de châssis en option.


Maxon’s BMR is unlike any other direct-type lift on the market. Built tough with rugged columns to withstand dock impacts, precision-engineered with self-centering rollers (optional slide pads available too) to eliminate the possibility of jams, and designed with lock valves for operator safety, the BMR offers superior performance — faster operation, lower power consumption, and reduced maintenance costs are only the start.


Maxon has always been at the forefront of designing liftgates to meet the special needs of its customers. Non-conventional loading practices require unique liftgate solutions. Our company has met the challenge by expanding our product line to offer a variety of gas bottle delivery liftgates.



Most Class 8 tractors have a much larger battery bank than a typical liftgate system and they serve as an excellent source of supplemental power for a liftgate system. When a tractor is connected to a trailer and utilizes a liftgate charging cable.

DC/DC Converter Based Auxiliary Battery